I am running for the U.S. Senate to encourage transparency and accountability in government. During his tenure in office Steve Bullock has deliberately inhibited investigations and stifled the concerns of Montana’s auditors. He created a hostile work environment of a place I had enjoyed working two decades, and actively intimidated or fired employees who raised concerns about fraud and the mismanagement of federal and state taxpayer dollars. It saddens and concerns me that he has decided to run for the U.S. Senate. The people of Montana deserve better than Steve Bullock.

Why am I running?

Government Transparency & Accountability

As I’ve stated before, my main issue is the accountability of the use of Federal taxpayer dollars. Under the current Montana administration program financial audits have decreased and/or been eliminated allowing the misuse of funds; such as the use of USDA funds to be used for HHS programs. [Link to announcement press release]

Promote Montana Products

Montana grain farmers don’t generally use Roundup within weeks of harvest. However, when the grain is processed into flour, preservatives are used to extend its shelf life. I support local producers of all varieties that make and sell wholesome, natural, Montana products.

Support Our First Responders

I support rural Montana ambulance and fire departments. The volunteers are aging out. We need to be proactive by offering grants or other incentives to those who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect others.

Improve Healthcare Coverage

I support the sale of health insurance across state lines, creating competition. I also support the reduction of health care costs and prescription drug prices without compromising the quality of healthcare.

I would also investigate the reasons why Medicare and Medicaid allow different medical procedures depending on which state you live in. These Federal programs should allow a patient to have the same surgeries regardless of which state you live in.

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